Petroleum & Convenience Media Solutions

Deploy the Right Solution for Your Petroleum or Convenience Store, at the Right Time

Engage Customers, Increase Revenue at the Fuel POS or Convenience Store POS

Provide an engaging and interactive experience at the pump or in the store. Increase revenue or even open incremental revenue streams through our multimedia gas station POS system solutions.

  • Get customers into the store with powerful promotions at the pump
  • Upsell customers at the counter POS
  • Engage customers at the pump while enjoying additional revenue stream from advertisers

 Ensure secure transactions and a pleasant experience both at the pump and inside the store to enhance loyalty. Increase revenue through promotions and advertiser-sponsored content.

Digital Marketing and Multimedia at the Pump Entertains and Drives Sales

Secure point of sale payment solutions at the pump become vehicles to engage a captive audience. Multimedia advertisements and promotions entertain and drive them into the store. Even print lottery tickets or coupons right at the pump. 

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Target Customers with Unique Content

Engage customers actively involved in a purchase through short-form video and digital coupons on the display. Whether your own content or advertiser-sponsored, build brand awareness, provide special offers and drive traffic with highly localized messaging.


Custom Dayparting and Geotargeting at the POS

Provide highly targeted and relevant content at the point of sale. Reach the business commuter during rush hour or the busy parent after school. By controlling the location of the message by zip code or even exact store, you or your advertisers can reach them when they're close by. 

Verifone's VNET ad network delivers your ads at the right time and the right place. 

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Increase Sales at the Convenience Store POS

Turn your convenience store POS system into a smart tool for increased revenue per transaction. It's easy for your clerks to provide a personalized experience and special offers. Transaction-specific selling scripts and customer displays offer opportunities for them and for you. 

Our LiftRetail solution goes beyond static signage and leverages previous purchase history to suggest the most relevant items during convenience store checkout. Upsell and cross-sell like never before. 

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