Vx 570

Next Power Performance and Future Connectivity

Merchants can offer multiple payment types now and prepare for the future with the next power performance features of the Vx 570.  It has flexible options: built-in support for dial and an option for combining dial and Ethernet. Merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through the always-on connection.

The Vx 570 countertop solution offers outstanding performance by combining superior speed and power for quick and reliable payment processing, along with increased memory to support multiple value-added applications. Comes with seconds-fast processing and plenty of memory for multi-application capabilities.

Key Benefits:

Power and Performance

Integrated USB technology port delivers secure and instant software downloads with USB memory drive. Offers increased memory to support value-add applications.

Flexibility and Functionality

Intuitive ATM-style interface, bold menu prompts, large pixels and white backlit display facilitate easy use and readability. PIN pad streamlines debit transactions and triple-track card reader accurately reads cards.

Security Deters Threats

Protect transactions with VeriShield file authentication. PCI PED and EMV Level 1 and 2 approved to offer the most reliable security available.