Multimedia Consumer-Facing Devices

MX 850

Speedy Checkouts with Multimedia Capabilities

A demanding multi-lane environment has demanding management requirements. Consumers want to make purchases without waiting. Merchants need a reliable solution that cost-effectively converge digital and physical channels. The MX 850 addresses these needs and more.  The ultra-durable MX 850 has an ultra-crisp, full-color, touch-screen display, a powerful payment processing engine, a convenient keypad for secure PIN entry, and ATM-style prompt keys. Its integrated, multi-lane infrastructure enhances the consumer experience and speeds up the checkout process.

The MX 850 offers Ethernet connectivity for content delivery, a scratch-resistant touch screen, and outstanding durability. Consumers benefit from different programs - loyalty enrollments, price checkers, instant credit, product locators and gift card loading - which support easy and convenient consumer checkout.

Key Benefits:

Ease of Use

Recessed keypad for privacy and familiar ATM-style interface simplifies usage and reduces errors. Touch screen responds to fingertip input or stylus pen.

Secure and Scalable

Supports end-to-end security with VeriShield Total Protect, eliminating usable cardholder data from POS applications, networks and servers. MX 800 series platform, applications and operating system connects with other MX 800 devices.

MX Solutions: Total Package

Verifone HQ estate software manages devices and integrates into your environment. Device management, diagnostics and content management modules allow you to constantly monitor your estate from a web-based portal.