Networking Devices

IEN 2500

Small to Mid-Size Offices Centralize Traffic Data

The IEN 2500 chassis allows small to mid-size branch offices to centralize or compartmentalize traffic data. With its "pay as you grow" cost-optimization strategy and wide-range of networking technologies, Verifone's IEN devices ensure long-term network investment.

The IEN 2500 chassis comes with four slots for plug-in and supports up to eight physical interfaces. Its client/server architecture provides comprehensive activity and performance statistics, alerts, alarms, remote downloads and upgrades to help manage traffic data. It features GUI-based management for detail, simplicity and speed.

Key Benefits:

Long-term Reliability

As part of the long-lasting, family of IEN products, IEN chassis can be used separately or combined to scale to meet any network requirement.

Manage Growth as Needed

Users can start small and expand their framework as needed. The system provides freedom to implement additional services or applications and tailor a complete network solution that extends the investment.

Network Management

Network management system delivers all of the tools needed to keep POS networks running smoothly. Client/server architecture provides comprehensive activity and performance statistics and alerts.