Verifone LiftRetail

Lift Sales Through Interactive Suggestive Selling

Verifone LiftRetail transforms shoppers into loyal customers. This interactive digital marketing hub connects directly to the point of sale, instantly capturing purchasing information while making it easy for cashiers to turn into star salespeople and sell an extra item to every shopper. Easily and quickly engage your customers with special offers, loyalty enrollment, social couponing and more! 

How it Works

The LiftRetail station connects to the cash register and targets every customer with a simple three step process: Scan, Suggest, Sell

Scan: As the cashier scans products at the checkout counter, the LiftRetail Affinity Engine™ analyzes live transaction data to find the optimal organic “basket-based” shopper offer using multiple variables.

Suggest:  The LiftRetail system displays the optimal shopper offer using shopper-facing digital touch-screen displays.

LiftRetail technology tells cashiers exactly what to say using transaction-specific selling scripts displayed on a cashier-facing, touch-computer.

Sell: The LiftRetail station “touch-to-scan” feature allows cashiers to complete the sale using the cashier-facing touch-screen display. The LiftRetail station ensures speed of service by allowing shoppers to pay, then pick-up their add-on item.

The Results
The results are measurable so store operators know what works and can easily update offers.

  • Deliver a loyalty building experience
  • Turn casual shoppers into raving fans
  • Turn cashiers into star sales people
  • Measure the results
  • Demonstrated ability to grow sales by 2-5%

The LiftRetail station is comprised of a 19” shopper facing touch screen and a smaller 7” cashier facing, touch-computer, as well as a CPU which goes under the counter.

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