MX 760

Provide Services When You Are Not There

Merchants can electronically interact with consumers even when they are not physically present at the consumer site. The MX 760 features a large display with stereo audio that gets consumers' attention in any environment - both indoor and outdoor - with multimedia messages. 

Consumers can purchase gas or tickets using kiosks, QSR and ATMs to perform electronic transactions. The MX 760 allows merchants to deliver unattended services with a secure card reader and supports loyalty programs, gift card programs and other value-added services.

Backed by the open Linux operating system, the MX 760 operates in demanding outdoor environments and adverse weather conditions, incorporating a rugged keypad and display with vandal-resistant design.

Key Benefits

Interaction Beyond Payment

The MX 760 increases revenue by streaming special offers and promotions. Consumers enjoy additional entertainment on the display screen while completing their transactions.

Exceeds Consumer Expectations

The MX 760 reads triple-track magnetic stripe cards and interfaces with EMV chip cards using a hybrid card reader. The device speeds consumer throughput using a powerful processor for fast, secure processing.

Secure Installation Options

Installs either as an all-in-one OEM module in new unattended solutions or as a PCI-approved upgrade to existing pay-at-the-pump dispensers or other solutions. The MX 760 fits compactly into a wide range of pump enclosures.