Verifone & Apple Pay™

Benefitting Consumers and Retailers

MX 915 iPhone 6Apple Pay provides consumers a simple, secure way to use their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for card payment transactions, without collecting any of the transaction information and maintaining cardholder data security .

In Apple Pay, Merchants gain access to an avid customer base who are making NFC mobile payment acceptance a reality. With the upcoming liability shift promoting migration to dual-interface EMV and NFC terminals, and Apple’s ability to sell tens of millions of new iPhones, the terminal upgrade decision is a lot more compelling.

Everyone in the payment eco-system from consumer to merchant, issuing bank and acquirer benefit from the convenience and security of Apple Pay. Speedy checkout plus an amazing shopping experience makes for happy and repeat customers.

How do you know if you can support Apple Pay with your payment terminal today?

Nearly every Verifone terminal and mobile payment device sold today can support contactless payments and Apple Pay out of the box. How your terminals have been setup, configured will impact your ability to support Apple Pay.

Blue1Validate that your Verifone terminal can support contactless. Click here to see supported terminals by model and part numbers. 

Blue2View the list below to see who to contact to validate Apple Pay support based on your terminal and deployment type.


MX 925 NFC

Contact your POS software provider


PAYware Mobile

Contact your POS software provider


VX 520

Contact your Merchant Services Provider

Petro & Convenience


Contact network processor